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We see the big oppotunity in India market and applied the BIS certification for 3.2V LiFePO4 battery cell.

Here is the BIS cyliner cell list:

IFR10440 200mAh
IFR14250 170mAh
IFR14430 400mAh
IFR14500 300mAh
IFR14500 500mAh
IFR14500 600mAh
IFR16340 400mAh
IFR18500 600mAh
IFR18500 1000mAh
IFR18650P 1100mAh
IFR18650 1200mAh
IFR18650 1500mAh
IFR22650 2000mAh
IFR22650 2200mAh
IFR26650P 2500mAh
IFR26650 2800mAh
IFR26650 3000mAh
IFR26650 3200mAh
IFR26650 3500mAh
IFR32650 5000mAh